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liao ning sanfeng meter co.,ltd
Liaoning Sanfeng Instrument Co., Ltd.,Liaoyang Sanfeng Instrument Co., Ltd founded in November 2003, is located in Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province, with convenient transportation. It is 70 kilometers away from Shenyang Taoxian airport, 1 kilometers away from Liaoyang railway station, and 2 kilometers away from the expressway. It is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating production and processing, scientific and technological research and development, product sales, logistics and delivery, after-sales service, etc. The company covers a total area of 10000 square meters, office building and factory building area of 5000 square meters, with fixed assets of nearly 100 million yuan. With the tenet of "sincere service and low price", the company provides thoughtful pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services for users at home and abroad. It has laid a certain foundation for the rapid development of our business.

Corporate Culture
People oriented / development based on quality
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"Unity", "communication" and win-win for customers

The company is strong

    Liaoning Sanfeng Instrument Co. , Ltd. was established in November 2003, covering an area of 10,000 square meters, 5,000 square meters of office buildings and plant Gross leasable area, with fixed assets of nearly 100 million yuan. Is set product development, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.

Advanced equipment, perfect technology, rich experience to provide you with quality service.

    The company has advanced machining equipment, perfect process means and testing equipment, advanced technical personnel, absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad, and developed many high-quality, high-precision, high-tech new products.

A number of invention patents, national certification products leading the quality.

    The company mainly produces processing products: material level instrument, liquid level instrument, pressure instrument, temperature instrument, marine instrument, acoustic wave cleaner and so on. Among them, the ship instrument has obtained the product type approval certificate of CCS Classification Society of China, many products have obtained the national explosion-proof inspection, the organization has issued the explosion-proof certificate, 5 products have obtained the invention and the utility model patent certificate. In January 2014, the company passed the China Classification Society Quality Certification Company ISO9001; 2008 Quality Management System Certification.

The products are all over the country and widely used.

    Our products are widely used in shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, environmental protection and other industries. Our main products are: Marine liquid level, pressure and temperature instruments used in ships; liquid level, material level, temperature, pressure instruments used in petroleum and environmental protection enterprises; ash remover equipment and control system used in dust removal equipment.

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    Application of gravity level meter in petrochemical plant
    Application of tuning fork
    Application of pressure transmitter
    Application of input type liquid level transmitter
    Radio frequency admittance
    Application of chemical engineering factory

My company's new factory building, the main body of the full completion

    New factory buildings, the main plant fully completed, want leaders to visit the guide, the social friends from all walks of life to visit tasting.

Liaoyang Feng three Instrument Co. Ltd. best wishes for your new home

    The relocation has entered the countdown state, the company all employees are actively preparing for the arrival of the relocation of the day;To celebrate the success of the comprehensive construction of a new factory, housewarming look to friends from all walks of life come to congratulate, guidance, help!

Our company's production of the material level gauge to bulk export

    In 2010, our company with the recovery of the world economy, orders continuously; recently I company production of radio frequency admittance material bit exported to Vietnam, India and many other countries. Liaoyang three front of the brand, will become your first choice.

Application of acoustic wave cleaner in the die of sintering machine

    Diaphragm type sound wave cleaning machine is the most widely used and practical dust remover in the sintering machine die. General cleaning device installed on the top of SFQ-75, an installation of SFQ-100G\SFQ-160 combined use. Principle of diaphragm type acoustic wave filter








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